I’m a Romanian writer and editor. I have published more than 70 stories, novelettes and novellas in Romanian SF and literary magazines. I have stories in many anthologies (among one in English, one in French), and an article in “New Weird”, edited by Ann&Jeff Vandermeer (published in English, Czech, and Romanian).

Now I’m Senior Editor at Paladin, an imprint of Art Publishig Group.

Books published:

Madia Mangalena, 1999, 2011 (print & ebook) – collected stories, “Vladimir Colin” Award 2000, RomCon Award 2001 (Romanian Science-fiction Convention)

Despre singurătate și îngeri (About Loneliness and Angels), 2001, collected stories, SIGMA Award 2002.

Așteptînd-o pe Sara (Waiting for Sara), 2005, 2006, 2012 (ebook), novel

Nu sînt guru (I’m not the Guru), 2007, non-fiction

…nici Torquemada (…nor Torquemada), 2011 (print & ebook)

Povestiri fantastice (Fantastic Stories), 2010, 2011 (ebook), collected stories, Galileo Award nominee

Transfer, 2012, collected stories

RomCon awards at SF National Convention:

– in 2001 for “best book” (Madia Mangalena) and for “best performance on the internet” (Lumi Virtuale Magazine).

– in 2003 for “best site” (www.geocities.com/lumivirtuale) and “best magazine” (Lumi Virtuale)

– in 2004 for “best magazine” (Lumi Virtuale) and “best journalist”

– in 2012 for „best short story“ (Povestea lui Calistrat Hadîmbu)

KULT award “Man of the year” in 2005

GALILEO award for „best short story“ (Povestea lui Calistrat Hadîmbu) in 2012

Stories published in Galaktika (Hungary), Terra Fantastica (Bulgaria), Science Fiction (Denmark), Via Galactica (Croatia), SF Fanzine (Japan), and in English: Taj Mahal Review (India), Nave de palavras (Brasil), Biblioteka Alexandria (Serbia), SF Crowsnest, Redsine, Anotherealm, Antipodean SF, Aphelion, The Blotter, Double Dare Press, Distant Worlds, Ink Magazine, Megaera, sf4you, Stick Your Neck Out, Tempest Dream, Wild and Whirling Words, Writing.com.

My works have been translated into English, Hungarian, Croatian, French, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese.

Stories online (English):

LAPINS (SF Crowsnest, January 2004, World SF Blog, January 25, 2011)

Rons, Socketers and Knots (InterNova, November 5, 2011)

Lipstick (Anotherealm, October, 2003 – „Invasion“ contest finalist)

Madia Mangalena (Aphelion, 32, January 2000)

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